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Tim Ballard

Tim has been in the transportation insurance industry for more than 10 years. He manages our agency operations with a focus is on building customer relationships and expanding the product offerings available for our clients.

“By choosing Triangle Transportation, you are gaining a reliable partner with time tested transportation insurance expertise. Integrity and dependability are the standards our customers experience when working with us.”  – Tim Ballard

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Houston Hunt

Houston has been serving transportation clients for over a decade. He builds relationships by understanding his clients; their needs, goals and strengths. Regardless of the size of the fleet, Houston strives to deliver relevant programs to his customer.

“With the Trucking industry you have to roll up your sleeves, put on your hard hat, pack your lunch and be prepared to enjoy the grind… every day.” –Houston Hunt.

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Erick Cox

Erick has identified the needs of transportation clients, no matter the size, and delivered cost efficient solutions for customers for over a decade. He prides himself on outstanding service, building relationships that go beyond just business hours and being an asset to his clients.

““The only constant thing with truck insurance is change. You have to be ready and willing to adapt and adjust to accommodate the needs of your customers.” – Erick Cox

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